Alright boasts proprietary technologies, our team of media scientists developed, to deliver the finest advertising solutions. 


Alright has proprietary technologies, developed by our team of media scientists, to provide best-in-class advertising solutions. We grant access to top media buying platforms, ensuring recurring and scalable revenue for your site or app. With Alright, your business will not just grow; it will also thrive on the global stage, backed by the security and credibility of a Google Certified company.


Google-Certified Excellence

Going beyond a Google Certified Partner for publishers, Alright stands as a symbol of expertise and success. Enjoy the benefits of.

Google partner

Accelerate your success with advanced Google tools.

Inventory Automation

Simplified and efficient advertising space sales.

Optimized Monetization

Real-time bidding to maximize your outcomes.

Operational Simplicity

Efficient and Error-Free Ad Management.

Advanced Technology

Continuous innovation in programmatic systems.

User Experience

Relevant ads that satisfy and retain your audience.

Recognized Innovation: Our Google Awards Success

Alright shines with its relentless innovation, demonstrated by our distinction as the first Latin adtech honored at the Google Awards for our In-stream video case. Explore how we’re shaping the future of digital advertising and delve into our award-winning journey.

Our Path to Growth

We’re proud to share our journey, marked by substantial investments that underscore our growth and dedication to innovation. These investments have fortified our position as leaders, empowering us to advance state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Dominance in Brazil

Our operations span across Brazil, where we lead a network of over 300 local publishers. We’re driving growth and effective monetization across the most extensive ecosystem of local and regional Brazilian publishers, offering solutions tailored to publishers of varying sizes.


With a network extending to over 5,000 partners globally, we set the bar for excellence and innovation. This worldwide presence enhances our ability to maximize reach and monetization for publishers, delivering comprehensive solutions across different countries and sectors.

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