Innovation Recognized: Alright Wins Google Innovation Awards

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Innovation Recognized:

Alright Wins Google Innovation Award for Pioneering In-Stream Video Solution

Alright won the Google Innovation Award for its “in-stream video content solution” at the GCPP Summit in Chicago in November 2022. This event is a unique occasion for Google’s strategic partners to share knowledge, learn about success stories and stay up to date with the latest in programmatic media solutions.

This award was given after analyzing over 50 cases worldwide across three categories: Innovation, Transformation, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). Launched in 2022, Alright’s video platform allows sites of various sizes to enter the digital video content ecosystem without the high costs of production, internet bandwidth infrastructure, or CDN (Content Delivery Network), while generating revenue from online advertising sales in this format. Since its launch, the platform has seen an exponential increase in partner site revenues, marking a growth of 136%.

A Milestone for Latin American Adtech

Receiving the Google Innovation Award represents a milestone for adtech in Latin America, symbolizing the global recognition of Latin American companies as key players in the technological innovation landscape. For Alright, this award highlights our leadership position in the region and inspires us to continue our mission of promoting growth, enhancing monetization, and enriching the user experience through innovative advertising solutions.

What This Means for Our Partners

For our partners, this achievement reaffirms the strength and reliability of collaborating with Alright. Our award-winning strategy ensures that partners benefit from the most advanced and effective advertising technologies available. Partnering with Alright means having the support of a company not only recognized for its innovation by Google but also committed to the success of its partners in the dynamic digital environment.

Looking to the Future

Strengthened by the Google Innovation Award, we are even more motivated to continue on our path of innovation. We remain committed to exploring new possibilities, enhancing our technologies, and strengthening our partnerships. We are just at the beginning of our journey, and we invite you to join us as we set new standards in digital advertising, achieving unprecedented growth and success together.

This recognition for the “In-Stream Video Content Solution” not only emphasizes our commitment to excellence and innovation but also marks the first time a Google Publishing Partner in Latin America has received such an award, highlighting the importance of Alright’s efforts in developing its video technology focused on programmatic advertising sales.

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