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Here you will find answers to the most common questions about Alright’s onboarding process and our products. These updates include new features and improvements, our new account release process, and our academy. 

Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible to ensure a smooth adaptation to our processes.


Onboarding Process

To start your registration, visit alright.global/onboarding and follow the available steps.


To be valid, your certificate must be completed using the same Google email as your request. If you used a different email, you need to redo it with the correct email.


  • You already have an account, even with a different email; we identified it as the same person.
  • A dark environment can hinder document reading. Please resubmit your photo in a well-lit area.


When you enter the waiting room, it means your request has been successfully submitted and we are now reviewing the information you provided. We check if your website is ready and reliable, if access to the indicated email is enabled for review, and if the API is enabled.

You are still in the queue. AdManager has a limit of 1,000 pending invitations. Once new invitations can be sent, you will receive yours. Please be patient.

  • Incorrect implementation.
  • Violation of Google's policies.
  • Detection of invalid traffic.
  • Low performance.

No, in this case, you need to create content that complies with Google's guidelines and submit a new request.


Yes, but you will go back to the beginning of the queue and will need to wait for your release.


Yes, but you will go back to the beginning of the queue and will need to wait for your release.


No, only through the official website.

The course is paid and guarantees the certificate but does not guarantee the invitation. You must meet the criteria listed to receive the AdManager connection invitation.


You have 48 hours to accept the invitation. After this period, the invitation expires and you will need to restart the request process again. Stay attentive to our emails to follow up on your request

No, we do not sell accounts and do not authorize anyone to sell on our behalf. Our account request process is exclusively through the channel alright.global/onboarding.

Reasons for Rejection

could not authenticate the validity of the certificate based on the information provided. Please resend the certificate with all the necessary information. If you haven't completed your certification yet, we recommend accessing the courses at Academy Alright.

The certificate is missing. Complete the course at Academy Alright and add the certificate URL in your logged-in area. The certificate is essential to proceed with the release of your network codes.


There is already an Alright account linked to another Google email. Please use only one account to connect to Google AdManager. Access the existing account to track your network codes

There are inconsistencies in the registration information, such as name, last name, phone number, email, and country. Correct the information and resubmit so we can verify your identity and proceed to the next steps.


The API was not enabled in Google AdManager. To review your AdManager account and proceed to the next steps, please enable the API and resubmit your Network Code (NC) for review. Only network codes with enabled APIs will receive the invitation for monetization. Read more.

The website URL in the AdManager does not match the URL provided in the form. Correct the URL in AdManager to match the one in the form and resubmit.

The website URL is not approved in AdManager. Approve the URL in AdManager and resubmit for review. Only approved URLs will be accepted.

  • There is already a Network Code linked to another email. Use only one Network Code with a single account. Choose which Network Code to keep before filling out the form again.

  • The website URL is not registered in AdManager. Register the URL in AdManager and resubmit for review.

There is already a Network Code linked to your Google account. Use only one account to connect to Google AdManager. Access the existing account to track your network codes.


The provided URL poses a security risk and may violate Google's policies. Adjust the URL or send us a new URL registered and approved by GAM for review.

The website URL returns a 404 error. Correct the URL and resubmit for review.

Academy Q&A

The decision to charge for the course was made to ensure the sustainability and continuous improvement of the quality of our content. This change allows us to invest in educational resources, advanced technology, and increase content production, offering a superior learning experience.

We understand that the change may be unexpected. That’s why we are giving advance notice so everyone can prepare and take advantage of the opportunity to complete the course with no charges before the fee implementation.

Yes, this course is essential for those who wish to request the Google AdManager networkcode. Without certification, it is not possible to complete the registration process on the Google platform.

Certification is an essential requirement for requesting the Google AdManager networkcode, ensuring you have the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed as a publisher. Without it, it is not possible to complete the registration process.

Our platform has a history of success and commitment to educational excellence. Transitioning to a paid model allows us to continue delivering high-quality content and ongoing support to our users.

The fee will be $50 and will apply to many courses starting June 15th.

No, the fee will only be charged to new enrollees in the course.

If you do not complete the free course before June 15th, you will not need to pay the $50 fee to continue or restart the course, as the fee is for new enrollees. However, we recommend that you take advantage of the available time to complete the free courses as soon as possible.

Payments can be made directly on the academy.alright.global platform through PayPal.

Yes, once you have completed the course, you will have continuous access to the course materials, allowing you to review the content whenever necessary.

No, completing the "Google Ad Manager Masterclass" course and obtaining certification is an essential part of your request, but it does not automatically guarantee that you will receive the networkcode. It is crucial that you follow all steps correctly and adopt the best practices recommended by Alright and Google's policies. Strict adherence to these requirements increases your chances of obtaining the networkcode.

While having some basic knowledge is important, the "Google Ad Manager Masterclass" course is designed to be accessible to both beginners and experienced professionals. It covers everything from basic concepts to advanced techniques, ensuring that all participants acquire the necessary knowledge to effectively use Google Ad Manager.

If you don't pass the final course assessment, you can revisit the course materials and retake the assessment. The goal is to ensure that all students fully understand the content before obtaining certification.


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